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Sometimes tenants will vacate a property only for a specific set of time. Even if you’ve tried to get in touch with them to no avail, there could be a rational explanation for their absence. Do your best to get an answer out of your tenant before you do anything with their belongings. There may also be some tell tale signs that they have left for good. A good indicator of that is if they have left their keys behind. If a tenant does that, chances are they are not coming back.

The next step you should take, is to document everything that has been left behind. Taking photos of all of the tenant’s belongings is the smartest way to do this. You won’t want to be responsible for any of it in court. Photographs along with the certified letter will prove that you have taken the necessary steps to document and return all abandoned items.

If you are certain that your now previous tenants won’t be returning, you should give them a legal warning about their belongings. The best next step is to send out a certified letter to their previous address. If they have forwarded their mail, they will receive your notification. In your letter, explain that the former tenants have 24 hours to retrieve their things. State that if they do not come to collect their belongings, it will all be in the hands of brookhaven junk removal removal teams. When you send such a letter, it is valid proof that you attempted to reach out to the tenant to get their things. This will provide proof in court if it ever comes to that.

So now you have a house or apartment filled with junk. It’s your lucky day, because it all belongs to you now. You can choose to keep whatever items you may want. Most of the time though, people just want to clear the space out quickly in order to find a new tenant. That’s when you would make a phone call to the experts at long beach junk removal. We do our absolute best to get your space junk free as quickly as possible.

After the initial 24 hours have passed, you must change all of the locks in the house or apartment. Even though the tenants may have left their keys for you, you have no idea if any copies were made. Play it safe and get the locks changed.

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If you are a landlord and this is happening to you, don’t stress. Leave the work to us. Junk removal carle place will be there for you as soon as we possibly can. We want to get your space junk free so you can find your next, and hopefully more loyal, tenant. Feel free to contact us to set up an appointment for all of your junk removal needs! Sear

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